Hz Jaunpuri is Mahdi

  • Believing that Hz Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri is the “Promised Mahdi” is the biggest deviation and the root cause in Mahdavia Aqeeda.
  • There are several Fatwa’s on the subject of Is Hz Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri the “Promised Mahdi”?
  • The answer is universal “NO, Hz Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri is Not the “Promised Mahdi” from all over the world and from all major schools of thought.
  • It is unanimously agreed by all Muslims that Imam Mahdi is yet to come and is awaited.
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دار الافتی المحدثل علی الاسلامی، انڈیا سے سرخ

حضرت امام مہدی اس دنیا میں نہیں آئے۔ تمام لوگ جنہوں نے امام مہدی ہونے کا اعلان کیا ان کے دعوے غلط ہیں۔ سید محمد جونپوری نے اکثریت